Dr. Ciera Fox

Naturopathic Physician

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My goal as a primary health care physician is to provide Chilliwack and the surrounding communities with a simplified approach to their health and wellness concerns and goals. How do I do this? One of the greatest aspects about being a naturopathic physician is that I am afforded the time to really listen and understand what is going on with each one of my patients. With this deeper level of understanding I am then able to  educate my patients about what is going on with them, helping them to make connections that they potentially hadn't made before. As a patient, you will leave our visit with the rationale behind various treatment options so that you have the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions when it comes to your health journey. Not only that, but what I have found since starting to see patients is that many people are confused from the large amount of health related information found on the internet and social media. It can be extremely difficult to navigate what's true, what's not, and whether or not the information even pertains to their health goals. This is something I really enjoying helping with. 

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Areas of Focus

Lifestyle Balancing
Primary Prevention 
Metabolic Syndrome
Mental Health
Hormone Balancing
Digestive Concerns
Pain Related Conditions
Stress Management
Sleep Disturbances
Skin Health

A lot of the conditions naturopathic doctors encounter are the same health concerns that of a medical doctor treats. One of the primary differences between the two professions is often how we approach and view the body. In naturopathic medicine we seek to discover the root cause of your concern. What this means is that while providing care to help alleviate any symptomatic pain or discomfort you are having, we also seek to understand and treat what is actually causing the cascading that has lead to you having those symptoms is the first place. This approach is key to long-term cure and prevention. 


Contact Me

I am currently practicing with the wonderful team at Restorative Health in Chilliwack. Feel free to contact our office at anytime. I am always available to answer any questions you may have about naturopathic medicine and if it's the right fit for you. Stop in and we can have a 15 minute chat on me. 

Dr. Ciera Fox


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