Treatment Options

 ~The physicians most important role is to educate patients, while giving them the tools to take control over their own health.~

My Approach

My approach is simple: individualizing care to meet your needs and expectations. In my office you have a voice, and it will be heard. The patient-doctor relationship is sacred and involves a huge amount of trust and open communication. In my eyes, an approach that is geared towards solidarity between patients and physicians is key. If that can be achieved, you will find peace of mind and relief while we work towards reaching your health goals.


Throughout our time together, we will work towards finding the root cause of what's going on. Often times, if we can determine the root of your concern, multiple health issues will resolve because the root cause was actually the common denominator, unknowingly causing multiple ailments all at once. Our bodies are amazing, and its parts are more connected that we think. This is what makes naturopathic medicine so great! We understand this, and will work towards connecting the dots on a physical, mental and emotion level.

Initially, we will remove things in your life that may be getting in your way from achieving your goals. In naturopathic medicine we call this "removing obstacles to cure". During this time we will also stimulate the "Vis". This is just a fancy way of saying we are going to use the tools we have to get your body to do what it innately knows how to do, which is heal. This can be done through the use of botanicals, acupuncture, nutrition, physical medicine, counselling and homeopathy. This piece is key. A more western way to understand this concept is that we are essentially stimulating the immune system and other pertinent systems in the body that are involved in tissue healing and restoration. 

During our time together, we will also work directly on the concern at hand (obviously ha ha). Of course, this had already started to be addressed in the first few things we talked about, but we will definitely be performing treatment protocols that target your precise concern. 


That's it in a nut shell! If you have any further questions on my approach and how I may be able to help you, leave a note in the contact message box on this site or you can call Restorative Health to book a free 15 minute chat with me. 


The initial visit lasts 90 minutes and addresses your primary health concerns. A great deal of this time is used to identify the most immediate medical issues, while gathering a thorough health history. Physical exams relevant to the areas of concern will be performed in office. In addition, any clinically relevant lab tests will be run in order to help better guide and manage your unique case. Treatment can begin in the first visit, with follow up appointments scheduled in the following 1-4 weeks depending on the health concern being treated.



Initial visit (1.5 hours)                          ~  190

Follow up visit (20-30 minutes)               ~   75

Acute follow up visit (10-15 minutes)        ~  52