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Lifestyle Counselling

Creating healthy lifestyle habits is what Dr. Fox calls "foundation medicine". These daily routines are what set the stage for our overall health picture and are predictors to what our health status will be in years to come. The trouble is that there are so many different things competing for our attention, that creating sustainable healthy habits can be a challenge. Not only that, but there are so many different sources projecting mixed messages about what is considered "healthy" and what isn't. Making it even more challenging, and at times stressful, when we are trying to making changes for the better. 

This area is a topic Dr. Fox loves to dive into with her patients. She finds there are very few things as rewarding as helping guide patients through these lifestyle changes gradually over time. Ultimately these positive changes help in reducing the risk of chronic disease, improve moods and energy, encourage weight loss and deeper sleep as well as help provide the optimal terrain for rebalancing and healing.

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