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The art and practice of acupuncture has been utilized by traditional Chinese (TCM) medical doctors for over two thousand years. Thankfully, this modality has been integrated into many naturopathic medical protocols because of its innate ability to restore balance and promote optimal health naturally.

When you receive acupuncture, you will experience something called the flow of "qi". In western medicine qi would be the equivalent of our immune system because our immune system is our bodies built in healing system. In traditional Chinese medicine, that is where qi comes in! Each point used in acupuncture is associated with a specific channel in our body. Much like our blood vessels, these channels are in charge of distributing energy. But what happens when they get blocked? We use acupuncture of course!


Some of the more common conditions treated with acupuncture are: pain related concerns, stress and anxiety, hormonal imbalances, infertility, allergies, insomnia, low immune function and headaches. 

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